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Recycling since 1996



We have 14 years of experience in the demolition field. We have the equipment, personnel, and expertise to get job done right and on time.  We have performed numerous residential and commercial demolition projects throughout the State of Washington.

A few of these include:

  •  Greyport Hotel in Hoquium
  • Bellingham High School in Bellingham
  • Panther Lake Elementary School in Federal Way
  • Mels Lumber in Auburn

Over 95% of the demolition debris from these projects was recycled or re-used.

We are a licensed and bonded contractor that certified both WBE and DBE.

We work as both a Prime-Contractor and Sub-Contractor.

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*It has come to our attention that there are outdated and incorrect price lists circulating the internet. The prices that our cashiers have at the yard are the current prices. This website will be updated when possible. Prices are subject to change without notice. Thanks for understanding.*