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Recycling since 1996


Since before the "green era" BRC INC has been recycling. Each year we recycle over 10,000 tons of wood, metal, concrete, and asphalt.

Our Recycling Facility is Located at:

28225 W Valley Hwy N

Auburn, WA 98001


Accepted Materials at Auburn Site

Recycling - Disposal Fees

  • Clean Soil $35 per yard
  • Grass clippings $20 per yard
  • Sod $35 per yard
  • Stumps, Logs, & Clean Wood $20 per yard (no paint or metal)
  • Yard Debris $20 per yard

If any of the following contain any dirt it is an additional $20 per yard

  • Asphalt $45 per yard
  • Asphalt and Concrete Mixed $75 per yard
  • Bricks Clean (no rebar) $75 per yard
  • Clean Concrete (no rebar) $35 per yard
  • Concrete with rabar $75 per yard
  • Concrete containing any insulation, plastic or wood $200 per yard
  • Grass clippings $20 per yard
  • Landscape Debris $20 per yard
  •  Rock $35 per yard
  • Stumps, Logs, & Clean Wood $20 per yard (no paint or metal)
  • Wood painted or pressure treated $35 Yard
  • Yard Debris $20 per yard


We don't accept any products containing Creosote or Lead Paint

**Mixed Loads will be charged $35 per yard.

Price above is for drop off of materials and is subject to change. For pick up and removal prices please call Ron at     253-223-8586.

What we do with it...

All of the landscape debris brought to us is turned into various agricultural materials, including Hog Fuel and Mulch, which are sold to both the public and various businesses. See our natural materials page for more information.

*It has come to our attention that there are outdated and incorrect price lists circulating the internet. The prices that our cashiers have at the yard are the current prices. This website will be updated when possible. Prices are subject to change without notice. Thanks for understanding.*